who I am

I'm Kiran Bhattaram, a senior at MIT EECS. I'm from Chennai and the SF Bay Area, and currently live in Boston.

what I do

I'm a full stack developer, with experience working from databases to interaction design. I'm finishing up an EECS degree at MIT this year.

More info on my resumé.

where I do it

User Interface Design group at MIT CSAIL.
Interactive News intern at the New York Times. Hacker at Stripe.
LinkedIn, AnythingSocial, the MIT Media Lab and Intersil.

Caesar. Classroom code review network.

Building a code review community around code review in programming classes at MIT. We hope to bring in MIT alumni, students, and industry mentors interested in programming, so this system will provide a means to match them with work they are interested in.

MIT Tech. School Newspaper.

Interactive News and Technology Department.

Stressful Classes Viz

Worked on a team of 6 interactive graphics staff at the Tech for the paper's special issue on pressure and stress at MIT. I helped clean and analyze data from around 3200 survey respondents. I also worked on a graphic that explores what students report as their single most stressful class at MIT.

Website Redesign (not hosted yet)

Working with a team of 5 within the technology department to rewrite and redesign the Tech's online presence. In addition to other pieces, I'm responsible for making the website responsive.

Aaron Swartz Timeline

Worked with 2 other members of the interactive graphics and news staff at the Tech to put together a timeline of Aaron Swartz's prosecution.

{ }

Code. Personal work.

Work from classes and side projects, mostly done in teams.


API mashing for the election year. Integrates information from multiple APIs into an infographic-like view of every senator.

MongoDB Contributor

Developing a tool suite for MongoDB with a team of other university students.

Class Notes

Collected notes from MIT classes.

LastVis (not hosted)

Visualization-based data exploration. Currently in progress.

Fun. Art + EE.

Projects to keep me sane.


Patterned, fit, and sewn completely by me. Created over the course of 4 weeks.

Modular Analog Synth

In days gone past, I studied analog electronics. My final project for 6.101 (Analog Design Laboratory) was a modular fully analog synth, developed with another student.


Interfaces, icons, art, and everything in between.
Host and guest for programs on WMBR Cambridge, 88.1 FM
Assistant stage manager for several plays, including Evil Dead: The Musical and King Lear